This Man Has Tried to Scroll Down Fifteen Hundred Times in Twenty-Two Seconds

On the third episode for Series 3, Clinton is joined by Rob Griffiths to discuss the effects of Apple’s aggressive upgrade strategy. We discuss what we didn’t like about Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, why we didn’t upgrade and what it’s like to be version a or two of OS X behind, both from a users’ perspective and a developers’ perspective.

Also discussed on the show, our thoughts on Yosemite, problems with the Mac App Store, sandboxing and the benefits and drawbacks of software updates.

Thanks, for joining me on the show, Rob, I had a great time talking to you.

You can find Rob on Twitter, visit his personal site Robservatory and check out The Committed, a great podcast Rob hosts with Ian Schray and Kirk McElhearn.

Rob also works with Peter Maurer at Many Tricks to create great applications and utilities that make working on your Mac easier.

Applications by Many Tricks mentioned during the show



Name Mangler


Show notes

Scrolling in Lion

The dialog box presented to users upon using Lion for the first time.

Exposé Snow Leopard

Exposé in Snow Leopard. Note the uniform and orderly arrangement of windows.

Mission Control Lion

The muddled mess that is Mission Control in Lion. OMG WHAT IS GOING ON HERE I DON’T EVEN

Mission Control Bug

Mission Control being helpful.

Yosemite Beta Finder icon

Above: The Finder icon as shown on Apple’s Yosemite Preview page. Below: The Finder icon as it appears in Yosemite.

Booting OS X Lion GM: No Welcome Video, New Introduction to Scrolling



Wouldn’t it be Nice to Have a Video?

Coda 2.5 And The Mac App Store

The Unarchiver

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