Stab it Till It’s Dead

In our fifth episode, Clinton is joined by special guest Benjamin Alexander to discuss people and technology. Specifically, ‘what do we think of as technology’, ‘why are some people more adept at using technology than others’, ‘will there ever be a point when people such as ourselves struggle with future technologies’, and ‘how can technically proficient people learn to be better teachers?’

Thanks to Ben for joining me on the show, it was great to have you on.

Show notes

Tools vs Technology

Nick Burns: Your Company’s Computer Guy

Learned Helplessness

Learned Industriousness

Four Stages of Competence

Feynman Algorithm

Constellation — Ben’s very own podcasting network featuring some really great shows including Pragmatic, a new show with Anodised recurring guest John Chidgey.

Don’t Grab The Mouse — Clinton’s follow-up post for this episode

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