Self-Driving Zeppelin

On the fourth episode of series 2, Clinton is joined by Jason Snell to discuss things related The Incomparable Podcast, including how the panelists find time to consume all the media talked about on the show, the versatility of podcasting as a medium, critiqing art, what qualifies as art, the strengths of different story telling mediums and why superhero comics might be unappealing to new readers.

Clinton and Jason also discuss why reading may or may not be important, how liturature should be deployed in schools and Obligatory Shakespere.

Filling out the tech portion of the show, Jason shares his thoughts on the much rumoured half-height Mac Pro and the tale of two Googles.

Thanks for joining me on the show, Jason, it was an honour to have you on.

You can follow Jason on Twitter and find his work on Macworld, PCWorld, Greenbot, TechHive and The Incomparable

Show notes

Squarespace, Podcasting and Social Media

How I Sold Your Mother

Bashing Two Action Figures Together

Video Games Can Never be Art

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