Is This The Show?

While preparing The Next Big Input Method is Every Input Method, Clinton and Zac discuss the weather, our usage of App•net, followers on Twitter, spammers on Twitter, online gaming, the OUYA, the preservation of old games and HD remakes.

Show notes

DXX Rebirth “You can take the game out of 1995 but you cannot take 1995 out of the game.”


D2X-XL TrackIR support

More Experiences at The Apple Store

Clinton talks about another experience he and his sister had at the Apple Store.

Unfortunately, John’s audio has been irrecoverably lost so you’ll just have to imagine him responding with witty and insightful remarks.

Show notes

Experiences at The Apple Store

A tiny bit of background on Captain Peacock in case you missed the Are You Being Served? reference.

Episode S1E6 Alternate Show Titles

Episode 6 had the most potential show titles of any episode we recorded, we settled on “Bad Memories Come Flooding Back” but the others are too good to go to waste. Enjoy!

  • In The Early Days When There Was no Internet
  • And Then The iPhone Happened
  • They Did Have Floppy Disks Back in The Day
  • A Fair Chunk of Change
  • Snap Sales
  • That’s Super Geeky
  • Look at us, We’ve Made The Most Money!
  • The Race to The Bottom Can Kill You
  • Bullshit For Games
  • Pay to Win
  • Flashy Flashy Lights
  • It’s More Like Throwing Your Money in a Hole
  • I Hate Cherries
  • But The Way They Did it Was So Revolutionary
  • Do You Wanna Buy This App or Wot?
  • Properly, Properly Buried
  • Yes, I have Ten Point Whatever
  • So Much Text
  • Maximal Space in The X Dimension
  • They’ve Been in Cryogenic Storage Since 1996

Now You’ve Ruined Eddy Cue For me

The last half hour of Pencils kinda went off the rails so it was cut from the final edit. But it was too good to throw away so we’ve released it as Bonus Material!

Clinton and John discuss highlights from the October 23 event, Phil Schiller’s slip ups, Eddy Cue’s presentation habits, the future of photography, and we dispute Apple’s claim that pencils have been into space.

Show Notes:

Episode S1E3 Pre-Show Notes