Squarespace, Podcasting and Social Media

Before starting Poor Defencless Discs, Clinton and John discussed the limitations of Squarespace, the reaction to Harry Marks’ piece on podcasting and how to behave on social media.

Show notes

Poor Defenceless Discs — Anodised Episode 2

The State of Podcasting: 2013 — Harry Marks’ piece on the state of podcasting.

Generic Acronym Podcast (née GameArena Podcast)Awarded by iTunes “Best new podcast” for 2010.

I once listened to the GAP for 9 hours straight. I was behind on episodes and it just so happened that they posted three 3 hour long end-of-year episodes. It was fucking epic, they had Yug on from Australian Gamer and I don’t remember much else, it’s all a blur now. — Clinton

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