Mac Amateur

Matthew JC. Powell — whom has been in talks with people familiar with Apple’s plans — has lent his credence to the much rumoured half-height Mac Pro set to replace the Mac mini before the end of this year.

The new form factor is expected to bring the high-end design of the Mac Pro down to a more affordable price with performance and upgradability more suited to the majority of Apple’s customers.

It is believed that RAM will be the only user-servicable part in the new design, in line with the previous Mac mini design.

Matthew’s sources indicate that the half-size Mac Pro will start with a configuation similar to the current low-end iMac and will be configarable up to Quad Core i7s with a desktop-class GPU rather than the low-end notebook-class GPUs featured in the current Mac mini.

Industry analysts have stated the potential market for redesigned Mac mini is “huge” and anecdotal evidence suggests that customer demand “is approaching iPhone-like levels of anticipation.”

The last update to the Mac mini was in October 2012, the anticipated new form factor does much to explain why the Mac mini has not recieved an update for so long.

Note that the above is intended as a joke, we have zero evidence that Apple is planning to make a lower-specced, lower-cost, half-height Mac Pro to take the place of the Mac mini.

Like rumour sites publish this kind of tripe with any more justification than I have. — Clinton

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