Episode S3E3 Pre-Show Notes

Lion dislikes

— Greyscale Finder sidebar icons
— Mission Control
—— Windows not ordered in a grid like Exposé
—— Windows hidden behind other windows
—— Messy interface
— Skeuomorphic design
—— Stitched leather in iCal and Address Book
Massive performance issues
— High RAM usage
— Mouse and keyboard input ignored up to five minutes after logging in
— Launchpad opens when installing or updating applications from the MAS
— Not optimised for mouse usage
—— Can’t drag select multiple applications
Lion only applications
— Remote Desktop
— Aperture
— CameraRAW
— iBooks Author
— AirPort Utility
— App•net clients
Changes to Save and Save as
Documents and windows reopening
— Previously opened Preview and Quicktime files reopen upon application launch
—— Apple obviously oblivious to how people use Preview and Quicktime
Full screen mode
— Animation takes forever
— Hides the menu bar
—— Can’t see the time
— Application interface pretty much unchanged
— Offers questionable benefits
— Reversed scrolling
— Four finger gestures changed
— Moving mouse no longer wakes screen up
— Smaller click targets
— Scrollbars hidden by default
— Scrollbars look fugly when enabled
— Rosetta support removed
— Sandboxing
—— Applications required to ask my permission to do their job
— Back to my Mac not supported on Snow Leopard after updating to iCloud


— Full screen mode was simply stupid with more than one display. (Still is stupid even in Mavericks.)

What it’s like for a user to be a version behind

— Fellow Mac users think you’re mad
— Older OS not supported by Apple or devs
— Feel abandoned, misunderstood, unappreciated
— It’s much harder to be a version behind because everything is connected
— CameraRAW updates not supported on Snow Leopard
— iCloud
— iOS devices

What it’s like for a dev to support users who are a version behind

— One version is generally OK, but two versions is nearly impossible. Apple tends to remove support for compiling for n-2 generations, so it gets harder to make apps work for two versions old.
— Even at one version old, often there are features we can’t make available to the older OS. Users don’t seem to understand why we can’t.

Why did we upgrade (and what version)?


— Upgraded to Mavericks
—— Impressed with RAM compression
—— Impressed with performance improvements
—— Liked enhancements to Stacks
—— No skeuomorphic bullshit
—— To get AVCHD and Nikon D5200 RAW support in Aperture
—— All the iCloud stuff
——— Notes, iCloud tabs, bookmark syncing, shared photo streams


— Upgraded to Mountain Lion
—— Couldn’t fall two versions behind as a developer
—— Fixed many of the things I found most annoying about Lion, though I can’t recall now exactly what those were (Save/Save As, opening previous docs by default?)
—— Generally went well and wasn’t as bad as I was expecting it to be. Still hate the gray sidebar, though.

Are software updates a good thing?

— New features
— Security updates
—— Important in a connected world

— Feature creep
—— See iTunes
— Change for the sake of change
— Removal of features one relied upon

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