Episode S2E2 Pre-Show Notes

The “very comprehensive” show notes compiled for The Next Big Input Method is Every Input Method.

Next gen console launches
— Xbox One
—— Launched November 2013
——Three million by the end of 2013
— Playstation 4
—— Launched November 2013
—— 4.2 million units sold by the end of 2013
— Nintendo Wii U
——Launched November 2012
—— 3.91 million units sold as of September 2013
—— WiiU sales not so great http://arstechnica.com/gaming/2014/01/nintendo-slashes-wii-u-sales-projections-predicts-loss/
—Game consoles becoming more general purpose devices
—— Some consider the Xbox One a box for watching TV that also plays games
— Xbox 360/PS3 expensive to produce due to custom hardware
—— loss leaders for many years
——Xbox One/PS4 switch to commodity hardware

PC gaming:
— Steam reporting record numbers of users
—— 7 million concurrent users
—— 75 million active users

Handheld gaming
— Nintendo DS sales numbers
— PS Vita sales numbers

Mobile gaming

The Future of gaming:

— How long will this console generation last?
— Will there be another console generation?
— Will the next generation of consoles continue to use commodity hardware?
— Launch sales numbers as an indication of interest in gaming consoles
—— Can interest be maintained long term?
— Wii catered to the causal market, casual market saturated
—— how to convince casual gamers to upgrade?
—— Do regular folks understand the Wii U narrative
——— Or does it look like a very expensive controller accessory for the Wii?
—— Wii U sales seem to mirror the GameCube pretty closely. 3DS/Wii U very similar to DS/GC.

AppleTV as a gaming device
— Via AirPlay or natively?
— Will Apple bring Bluetooth controller support to the AppleTV?
— Will the AppleTV hardware need to be updated

Steam Machines

PC gaming


Second screen

Nintendo DS, PS Vita, iOS, Android
— Will mobile gaming force handhelds out of the market?

iOS gaming controllers
— Apple acknowledging that touch input has limitations
— Developers were slack anyway
—— Instead of coming up with innovative control schemes they used onscreen controls
——— Not a good gaming experience
— Software implementation needs work
—— Onscreen controls remain even when controller is connected
— Hardware spec needs work too
—— Allow controller makers to design with controls underneath screen
—Bluetooth keyboards for gaming on iOS?
—— Could be great for RTS, RTT, MOBA, MMORPG games


Regardless of hardware, there will always be games

Future of gamers

Hardware buying advice and games recommendations

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