Episode S2E1 Pre-Show Notes

Extensive notes compiled for Insert Paranoid Delusion Here

iPhone 5S

Features: A7 chip, Touch ID and improved camera. Available in gold, silver and space grey.

iPhone 5S launch
— no pre-orders for the iPhone 5S
— supplies limited
— gold iPhone 5S supplies VERY limited
— Apple still hasn’t perfected iPhone launches

A7 chip
— it’s faster
— 64-bit, what does this mean for users in the long run?

— Uses larger pixels
—— improves image quality
—— lets in more light
—— less noise better dynamic range
— burst mode
— 120 fps HD video
— dual-tone flash

Touch ID
— Can recognise five fingers
—fingerprint data stored on-device
——people worried about privacy concerns are fuckheads
—Touch ID can be fooled NOT HACKED, IMPORTANT DISTINCTION with a fake fingertip
—— macrumors.com m.tuaw.com
——— A trivial process PROVIDED you’re determined enough have all the equipment at hand
————Which nobody does so it’s very unlikely that this will be an issue
—Touch ID can recognise other body parts including your bellend which is hilarious.
— 64 GB still max capacity, for fucks sake Apple, increase the capacity

iPhone 5C

Features: plastic back, really nice colours,

— Available for pre-order
—— pre-orders started week before retail availability
— supplies apparently not constrained
—— which isn’t surprising given that it’s a tweaked iPhone 5 in a plastic case.
— Mixed reports on iPhone 5C demand, some say underwhelming
iPhone 5C cases, what the fuck Apple, what the fuck?
32 GB max capacity
iPad and iPad mini
— iPad definitely get Touch ID
— What about the iPad mini?
—— Is the iPad mini the equivalent of the iPhone 5C?
——— Probably.

iOS 7

“A comprehensive, end-to-end redesign of the user experience.” — Craig Federighi

“Installing iOS 7 is like getting a new phone but one that you already know how to use.” — Craig Federighi

‘Design isn’t just about the way something looks, it’s about the way it works’ — Jony Ive (paraphrased)

iOS 7 looks very different but is largely functionally the same. Most functional changes (like multitasking) are behind-the-scenes things that end-users might not notice.

iOS 7 gripes
— Notifications still don’t have enough info
—— Twitter, Facebook notifications truncated
— UI inconsistencies
—— distinctions between icon buttons and text buttons
—— Mark All as Read in Mail not available in the Unread smartbox
— Home screen still the same
—— Still hard to move icons around
——Would like to arbitrarily place icons
—— Or automatically sort them alphabetically, it’s a goddamn computer for Christ’s sake, they’re capable of doing that
— needs better keyboard support
—— why can’t I command tab to switch between apps
—— or use the tab key to select UI elements
———would be great for people with disabilities
—— on-screen button for recalling the on-screen keyboard when a Bluetooth keyboard is connected
— Some icons are way over designed for a flat minimalist interface
—— Safari, Compass and Camera in particular
— It’s hard to compose a shot in the camera app because of the stupid transparent control overlay
—— Not so bad on the iPhone 5 but it’s pretty bad on the iPhone 4 and 4S
— Sharing data between apps needs to be improved
—— Still can’t delete Stocks app
——— Why is there still a Stocks app?
— People hating on the transition animations
— Parallax effect
—— pointless gimmicky bullshit
—— Doesn’t work as well as in the videos

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