Episode S1E6 Alternate Show Titles

Episode 6 had the most potential show titles of any episode we recorded, we settled on “Bad Memories Come Flooding Back” but the others are too good to go to waste. Enjoy!

  • In The Early Days When There Was no Internet
  • And Then The iPhone Happened
  • They Did Have Floppy Disks Back in The Day
  • A Fair Chunk of Change
  • Snap Sales
  • That’s Super Geeky
  • Look at us, We’ve Made The Most Money!
  • The Race to The Bottom Can Kill You
  • Bullshit For Games
  • Pay to Win
  • Flashy Flashy Lights
  • It’s More Like Throwing Your Money in a Hole
  • I Hate Cherries
  • But The Way They Did it Was So Revolutionary
  • Do You Wanna Buy This App or Wot?
  • Properly, Properly Buried
  • Yes, I have Ten Point Whatever
  • So Much Text
  • Maximal Space in The X Dimension
  • They’ve Been in Cryogenic Storage Since 1996

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