In our third episode, Clinton and John talk about pencils.

Pencils really are amazing, they’re extremely simple tools that can be used to start poems or finish symphonies. They’re used to illustrate things, solve problems and think of new things. Pencils have transformed the way we work, learn, create and share. Pencils are used by scientists, artists, scholars, and students. They’ve have been to classrooms, boardrooms, expeditions, they’ve even been to space. Pencils are extremely powerful tools and that’s why we decided to dedicate an entire episode to them.

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iPad Air ad

iPad model comparison — Australian pricing and specs

Nothing Wrong With a Bit of Mindless Speculation — John’s iPad predictions

Space to Spare — Our rant on device capacities

iPhone 5c Narrowing 5s’ Lead and What to Expect From Apple’s 10/22 iPad Launch

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Making the all-new Mac Pro

Burning a NeXT Cube

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Poor Defenceless Discs

In our second episode, Clinton and John discuss the digital media landscape. There are so many options avaialble to consumers for digitally distributed content but is this much choice a good thing? Is it creating competition that benefits the customers or are the hardware giants using media as a form of platform lock-in?

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Movie pricing comparison table. (Embedded Google Docs Spreadsheet)

All pricing in Australian Dollars.
Pricing surveyed between 7/10/13 and 11/10/13.
No special prices listed.
High defintion versions unless stated otherwise.
Purchase price unless stated otherwise.
Blu-ray pricing unless stated otherwise.

Insert Paranoid Delusion Here

In our first episode, Clinton and John discuss the recently released iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and iOS 7. Also discussed, which features from the newly released iPhones will make their way into yet-to-be-announced iPads.

Show notes

Chaos Computer Club Bypasses Apple’s Touch ID System (with copy of original fingerprint)

Fooling Touch ID may be possible, but calling it ‘easy’ is a bold-faced lie

Bypassing TouchID was “no challenge at all,” hacker tells Ars

Lifting Prints And Watching Code — John’s article on fooling Touch ID

Visualized: Canon 35mm CMOS sensor captures fireflies in HD (video)

Make iOS 7 less nausea-inducing

iPhone 5S

iPhone 5C

iOS 7